Our story

Dedication to craft, connection to place, and a focus on innovation.

The tradition of brewing beer is a long and celebrated one, and one which Freehold Brewing Co. is proud to be a part of. At its heart, Freehold embodies a respect for that tradition, and it’s with care and precision that we strive to build upon it.

Freehold was founded in 2016 by Matt James and Tavis Agnew, who envisioned something more than a brewery. They knew that steadfast dedication to the art of brewing had paved the way for a grander pursuit: a brewery and restaurant dedicated to evolving the definition of those terms. A true and honest reflection of place, Freehold is a celebration of Alberta.

Latest news

  • It’s been a busy summer here at Freehold Brewing. We’ve had so much fun getting into the thick of things and have enjoyed meeting so many of our supporters over the course of this summer. Now as we move to harvest season, it’s a great time to reflect on the summer days behind us and into the exciting autumn at hand.

    Limited Edition Brews at Saison-athon

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  • Location

    We have some bad news. We did receive an Offer To Lease on a location in Inglewood, and deposits had been paid, but the landlord has decided that our proposed use of the location is not in their long-term interest. It would have been nice to have figured that out six months ago but, nevertheless, we have a busy week ahead of us revisiting some other locations to find our new home. Stay tuned for more updates on location.

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  • "Do you have a location yet?" We get asked this question a lot, and we’re really bad at keeping secrets. We’re getting super keen about a couple of locations, but for now we’re going to bite our tongues, as we got burned the last time we got our hopes up. We hope you can live with the anticipation of good news on the horizon.

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