Progress Update January 2018

We’ve got some really awesome merch coming in (check out the shop), and the photo shoot for the women’s items is coming up in two weeks, at which point we’ll have all the clothing you’ll need for every member of your household.

The search for a location is still ongoing, but we’re very close to sealing the deal on a beautiful building that suits our needs, and our personalities, perfectly. We made the mistake of communicating too much too soon in the past, so we’re going to keep the location a secret until we have keys-in-hand. When we know, you’ll know!

You may have noticed that it’s getting easier to find us in stores. We’re already in well over 200 stores and restaurants in Alberta, and that number has gone up every time we check. The stockists listing will tell you where to find us, but if your favourite liquor store isn’t carrying Big Chutes or Lacy Saisy, ask them to bring some in!