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  • Big Chutes Lager

    Rich body, full flavour, and enough sweetness to make this lager interesting. Let Big Chutes be your reward for an honest day’s effort, on the patio or après-tractor.

    5.5% | 23 IBUs
  • Lacy Saisy Farmhouse Saison

    Deep enough for reflection with friends, refreshing enough for a day in the grass. Lacy’s sweet, malty complexity and earthy grounding are elevated with a citrusy, grassy, and floral aroma.

    5.75% | 28 IBUs
  • Spirit of Summer Gin Radler

    The Spirit of Summer bursts rays of sweet grapefruit and gin botanicals, to make this wheat beer one to enjoy under the canopy. You’ll wish that summer could always be here.

    4.0% | 13 IBUs
  • Tin Snips Table Sour

    Considered the perfect farmhouse sipper in Belgium, this table ale is best enjoyed at the dinner table or as a moment to retire from the day. A blended kettle sour delivers a subtle herbal character to join with a refreshing tartness of passionfruit.

    3.5% | 24 IBUs
  • Keychain Dry Hopped Lager

    Hüll Melon hops are the key to this dry hopped lager and they unlock the melon and pine aromas in this classic brew. Don’t lose this beer in your friend’s couch.

    4.0% | 10 IBUs

Coming soon

  • Lawn Darts IPA

    With precision and a steady eye, we’ve tossed in hefty doses of citrus and piney hops making this beer shine on any pitch, any patio, any time.

    5.9 | 50 IBUs
  • Patchwork Blueberry Lemon Gose

    We threw a patch on this 13th-century classic and added sweet blueberry and sharp lemon. This is FHBco’s respectful improvement to the legendary salty, sour gose.

    4.7 | 10 IBUs