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  • Big Chutes Lager

    Rich body, full flavour, and enough sweetness to make this lager interesting. Let Big Chutes be your reward for an honest day’s effort, on the patio or après-tractor.

    5.5% | 23 IBUs
  • Lacy Saisy Farmhouse Saison

    Deep enough for reflection with friends, refreshing enough for a day in the grass. Lacy’s sweet, malty complexity and earthy grounding are elevated with a citrusy, grassy, and floral aroma.

    5.75% | 28 IBUs
  • Equinox Wild Saison

    With a clean grain bill of Alberta pilsner malt, flaked oats, victory and vienna malt creating a deep golden straw, light, crushable beer. Signature saison accents of faint spice, stone fruit, combined with citrus forward hops make this old world bevvy the perfect pair with the setting sun.

    5.0% | 29 IBUs
  • Bramble Garden Ale

    Bringing the tart fruit together with a beer known for brown sugar and light spice, this beer blends the sweetness of summer into the heartiness of the harvest season.

    8.0% | 32 IBUs