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  • Big Chutes Lager

    Rich body, full flavour, and enough sweetness to make this lager interesting. Let Big Chutes be your reward for an honest day’s effort, on the patio or après-tractor.

    5.5% | 23 IBUs
  • Lacy Saisy Farmhouse Saison

    Deep enough for reflection with friends, refreshing enough for a day in the grass. Lacy’s sweet, malty complexity and earthy grounding are elevated with a citrusy, grassy, and floral aroma.

    5.75% | 28 IBUs
  • Air Mail IPA

    Our Belgian IPA’s bright effervescence delivers earthy, floral, and fruity aromas of hop while balanced with the spice of a Belgian-style beer.

    6.0% | 40 IBUs
  • Clearwater County Kolsch

    Let this clean and simple beer be the companion on your adventure. Named for explorers and adventurers, this beer travels well throughout excursions on quiet trails and vast landscapes.

    4.7% | 23 IBUs
  • Spirit of Summer Gin Radler

    The Spirit of Summer bursts rays of sweet grapefruit and gin botanicals, to make this wheat beer one to enjoy under the canopy. You’ll wish that summer could always be here.

    4.0% | 13 IBUs
  • Amber Valley Red Ale

    Smooth and sweet, Amber Valley delivers toffee and caramel with subtle biscuit notes. This beer celebrates the hardships and the triumphs of seeking out the freedom of a better life in a new land.

    4.5% | 22 IBUs
  • Tin Snips Table Sour

    Considered the perfect farmhouse sipper in Belgium, this table ale is best enjoyed at the dinner table or as a moment to retire from the day. A blended kettle sour delivers a subtle herbal character to join with a refreshing tartness. Tin Snips is ready to be kept on hand to dance with anything that can come across your plate. At Freehold Brewing Co., we believe in a dedication to craft, a connection to place, and a focus on innovation. Would you have another?

    3.5% | 24 IBUs
  • Willow Creek Grapefruit Wheat

    In the MD of Willow Creek No.26, cultivating and harvesting is the name of the game. Equal parts wheat and barley keeps the grapefruit bright to allow this mighty beer to stand the test of time.

    4.4% | 13 IBUs

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  • Dark Skies Black Heffe

    Dark Skies showcases the light within the dark. A body of roasted malt directs us to the shining notes of a true hefeweizen. We can get lost in its abyss but that’s when our eyes adjust and the meteors come to light.

    4.2% | 12 IBUs
  • Haymaker Imperial Wheat

    Haymaker is a nod to the breadbasket of our country. This complex wheat beer offers flavours of stone fruit aged on wood delivered softly like stalks swaying in the wind.