• Big Chutes Lager

    Rich body, full flavour, and enough sweetness to make this lager interesting. Let Big Chutes be your reward for an honest day’s effort, on the patio or après-tractor.

    5.5% | 23 IBUs
  • Lacy Saisy Farmhouse Saison

    Deep enough for reflection with friends, refreshing enough for a day in the grass. Lacy’s sweet, malty complexity and earthy grounding are elevated with a citrusy, grassy, and floral aroma.

    5.75% | 28 IBUs

Coming soon

  • Air Mail IPA

    The first air mail flight in Western Canada was in 1918, between Calgary and Edmonton. The pilot was determined, daring, and known for her innovative spirit. We invite you to taste her legacy in a glass of Air Mail IPA.

    5.9% | 66 IBUs
  • Blackstrap Stout

    Sometimes you have a craving for a beer with more substance. Meet Blackstrap. Brewed for chilly days and long nights, it pairs well with clear, crisp skies, and the migration of Canada Geese.

    6.9% | 52 IBUs