Spirit of Summer Gin Radler

  • Grapefruit
  • Botanical
  • Airy

4.0% | 13 IBUs

Available now

  • On tap
  • 471 ML
  • Keg

This is for your endless summer love — a time when you just sway in hammocks and daydream until sunset. The Spirit of Summer bursts rays of sweet grapefruit and gin botanicals to make this wheat beer one a refuge to enjoy under the canopy. You’ll wish that summer could always be here.

The sociable series — like welcoming a good friend into town for a quick visit, this beer’s here only for a limited time.

At Freehold Brewing Co. we believe in a dedication to craft, a connection to place, and a focus on innovation.


Measured using the International Bitterness Unit (IBU), an empirical measurement that measures in parts-per-million of isohumulone (the main compound from hops that makes beer taste bitter).

0 Mild 13 IBUs 100 Strong