Big Chutes Lager

  • Bright
  • Fruity
  • Sun-drenched

5.5% | 23 IBUs

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  • 471 ML
  • Keg

Sun-ripened barley and hops give this beer an approachable quality, a distinctive aroma and a crisp, grainy finish. Carefully balanced malts produce a rich body, full flavour, and enough sweetness to make this lager interesting. 

Traditional hops, known for imparting a subtle, earthy flavour and only mild bitterness, are blended with new world hops, known for their sharp pine and citrus notes. The result is a juicy aroma without any perceived bitterness.

Let this brew be your reward for an honest day’s effort. Drinkable and sharable, patio or après-tractor.


Measured using the International Bitterness Unit (IBU), an empirical measurement that measures in parts-per-million of isohumulone (the main compound from hops that makes beer taste bitter).

0 Mild 23 IBUs 100 Strong