Progress Update November 2017

Another great month for Freehold! We attended the Beer Bash at Willow Park Wine and Spirts, participated in the ATB Science of the Six Pack, brewed and packaged Lacy Saisy, and attended Alberta Beer Festivals’ Banff Craft Beer Festival. Many thanks to @Dave_TheBeerGuy and Mark Kondrat for getting us into these events. We’re truly honoured to participate, and are looking forward to both of them next year.

The ATB Science of the Six Pack hosted by @ATBagriculture is a powerful event that highlights the value chain of beer and how we’re all connected. It’s fantastic that ATB is connecting the dots of how we get from combine to craft, and to know that our products have a life beyond the barley pool and the sacks of grain we use to make beer. We’re proud to know the farmers in Alberta are committed to raising the best barley in world, and we have that same commitment to our beer. We’re already looking forward to the next event!