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  • Another great month for Freehold! We attended the Beer Bash at Willow Park Wine and Spirts, participated in the ATB Science of the Six Pack, brewed and packaged Lacy Saisy, and attended Alberta Beer Festivals' Banff Craft Beer Festival. Many thanks to @Dave_TheBeerGuy and Mark Kondrat for getting us into these events. We're truly honoured to participate, and are looking forward to both of them next year.

    The ATB Science of the Six Pack hosted by @ATBagriculture is a powerful event that highlights the value chain of beer and how we're all connected. It's fantastic that ATB is connecting the dots of how we get from combine to craft, and to know that our products have a life beyond the barley pool and the sacks of grain we use to make beer. We're proud to know the farmers in Alberta are committed to raising the best barley in world, and we have that same commitment to our beer. We're already looking forward to the next event!

  • What a month! Our first batch of Big Chutes sold out much sooner than expected (it's in 15 stores and bars in Alberta - check our stockists page for details), our booth at Rocky Mountain Wine and Food was a huge success, and we're gearing up for the Banff Craft Beer Festival at the end of next month. We're working on merchandise (it's surreal to see our logo on pint glasses!), and are narrowing in on a location for the restaurant, but that will remain top-secret for now.

    Thank you to everyone who's supported us through this longer-than-expected process. None of this would be possible without you. Cheers!

  • Lacy Saisy Saison and Big Chutes Lager are in fermentation, and will be in cans, on shelves, and on tap in the next few weeks. Like new parents, we check on them way more than needed, knowing that the quality we're aiming for comes from unreasonable attention to detail.

    We're so excited to be attending Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival! The festival will be Calgary's first taste of Freehold's beers, and we cannot wait to hear what you think.

    At the same time, over the coming weeks, we'll be working on product photography, bolstering our social presence, and planning for the Banff Craft Beer Festival, in addition to the many, many smaller tasks required to get up and running.

  • Picking the vendors, fabrics, colours, designs, and logos of the clothes we'll eventually be selling has been a blast. After learning the hard way that a couple of dudes who wear only brewery t-shirts should not pick the merch by themselves, our friends and family have stepped in with advice and ideas, and they're even modelling for us.

    Bottle and can labels, stickers, coasters, glasses, tap handles, a kegerator, and a new website are all in the works, and we'll post updates on Instagram as we go.

  • We were ambitious: "Opening Summer '17 Fall '17 2018!''. We still are, and the last few months have been a frustrating, enlightening, rewarding adventure.

    Finding a home for Freehold was always going to be a challenge. Lots of buildings have the personality and character we're looking for, but character and 400 amp electrical service, plus room for a 100-seat restaurant and 18 tonnes of brewing equipment? That's a lot harder. After a couple of promising locations were disqualified for structural, environmental, or financial reasons, we're continuing our search.

    While we look for a place to hang our shingle, we're getting ready to have our beer in the market ahead of the launch of the restaurant. Keep an eye out over the coming months!

  • Driven by the unflinching desire to deliver brews of the highest possible quality, Freehold is constantly experimenting. The result is beer that advances the state of the art while paying respect to the heritage of one of mankind's oldest beverages.

    These prototypes enable Freehold to refine the taste experience for experts and casual beer fans alike.

  • Matt's life purpose is to create memorable culinary experiences for his friends, family, and customers. His journey began in the kitchens of Vancouver, leading teams in elite hotel facilities and deepening his knowledge of the science and artistry of food. With an eye to striking out on his own, he began to hone his skills in business marketing, people management, and project management. Connecting with Tavis, in his spiritual homeland of Alberta, the dream of Freehold began to take shape: a place where everyone has a seat at the chef's table.

    With Freehold, Matt's journey has come full circle, again crafting a unique food and beer experience for his friends and family.

  • Having been jolted by inspirational words scrawled upon an art-house wall ("Don't follow in the footsteps of the masters, seek what they sought"), Tavis embarked on the homebrew journey equipped with talents honed on the grindstone of project management, team leadership, and sales. After years of toiling for others he realized he wanted the sweat dripping off his brow to contribute to his dream of opening a brewery. Working with Matt James and an incredibly talented team, Freehold Brewing Co. was brought to life.