Progress Update: Summer 2018

It’s been a busy summer here at Freehold Brewing. We’ve had so much fun getting into the thick of things and have enjoyed meeting so many of our supporters over the course of this summer. Now as we move to harvest season, it’s a great time to reflect on the summer days behind us and into the exciting autumn at hand.

Limited Edition Brews at Saison-athon

On September 13th, The Beer Shop in the basement of Last Best Brewing will be hosting Saison-athon; a celebration of your favourite Alberta saisons on twelve taps. We’re co-hosting the festivities with Last Best Brewing & Distilling and Dandy Brewing to bring you three saisons for this special event. We’ll all be exercising our creativity as we bring nothing but the funk with Brett saisons as our contributions. It’ll be a night of wild tastes and great friends.

Hint that our saison can be described as peachy-keen and wild. Looking forward to seeing everyone there! 

Special Shoutouts

We are so excited every time we see a picture of someone drinking Chutes or Lacy as part of their own summer memories. This couldn’t have been possible without the help of a ton of our friends. A huge thank you to both the Alberta Small Brewers Association and CRAFT Beer Market for organizing events that celebrate Alberta craft beer. It was certainly a tasty summer and we’re excited to be part of the magic for bigger events next year. 

We couldn’t have done it though without a lot of partners-in-crime to join in on the fun! Big cheers for our friends at Townsquare Brewing, Last Best Brewing & Distilling, and all of the breweries of Inglewood’s Brewery Flats: Cold Garden, Ol’ Beautiful Brewing, Dandy Brewing, Eighty-Eight Brewing, Revival Brewcade, and Highline Brewing. Alberta is being defined by these folks and we hope to join them on the frontlines in the next year…


Which segues us to this. Drumroll…we have keys! We can’t say where yet but we have keys to a castle! We are staying tight-lipped as you have all been with us before. Knock on wood, throw some salt over your shoulder, and stay on the edge of your seat. Once we have all of our ducks in a row- you will all be the first to know.

As always, stay tuned on our social media channels for more updates from the team! 

 — Freehold Brewing