#albertabychoice - Craig Smith

Tell everyone your name, where does your Alberta journey begin?

My name is Craig Smith, live in Calgary, born and raised, lived here my whole life (31 years). I’m a Technical Account Manager at Habanero Consulting Group. We build websites n’ stuff.”

What does #albertabychoice mean to you?

I see it as a contrast to other people move away from Alberta to warmer places. Everyone I know and hangout with loves Alberta. My family all lives in BC and they all make fun of me for not being out there.

I like the variety in the weather and being an all-season lover. There’s lots of stuff to do here even when the weather isn’t great to some people.”

What inspires you most about the town or region you live in?

The heartiness, the love of cold and snow are part of my identity. Alberta gives me a place to do all of the activities I like.”

What’s your favourite craft beer and why?

Loaded question! Well you should see my fridge, but Big Chutes is my favorite right now, Last Best — Olsch Kölsch B’glosch is a favourite of mine, and Umlaut Hefe from Brassneck is a good one.

I like the lighter styles and those that are more malty, but the Bananna-iness of the Hefeweizen style is a characteristic I like.

If you were to have a beer with someone alive or dead, who would it be? Why?

It would be cool to have a beer with a great, great grandparent, or a family member that I haven’t ever met. Will Farrell would be a blast to have a beer with too.”

Care to share a random fact about yourself?

I’m a very proficient knitter. Not just the basic stitches either…”