Air Mail IPA

  • Soft
  • Fragrant
  • International

5.9% | 66 IBUs

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  • On tap
  • 471 ML
  • Keg

The first air mail flight in Western Canada was in 1918, between Calgary and Edmonton. The pilot was determined, daring, and known for her innovative spirit. We invite you to taste her legacy in a glass of Air Mail IPA.

Modern North American IPAs are often potent flavour bombs, using hops to create a big, herbal flavour with high amounts of bitterness. Honouring the roots of this style, Air Mail brings flavours from afar into this locally-crafted brew. Highlighting hop aromas rather than outright bitterness, Air Mail is a gentler IPA.


Measured using the International Bitterness Unit (IBU), an empirical measurement that measures in parts-per-million of isohumulone (the main compound from hops that makes beer taste bitter).

0 Mild 66 IBUs 100 Strong