Matt James


Matt’s life purpose is to create memorable culinary experiences for his friends, family, and customers. His journey began in the kitchens of Vancouver, leading teams in elite hotel facilities and deepening his knowledge of the science and artistry of food.

With an eye to striking out on his own, he began to hone his skills in business marketing, people management, and project management. Connecting with Tavis, in his spiritual homeland of Alberta, the dream of Freehold began to take shape: a place where everyone has a seat at the chef’s table.

With Freehold, Matt’s journey has come full circle, again crafting a unique food and beer experience for his friends and family.

Tavis Agnew


Having been jolted by inspirational words scrawled upon an art-house wall (“Don’t follow in the footsteps of the masters, seek what they sought”), Tavis embarked on the homebrew journey equipped with talents honed on the grindstone of project management, team leadership, and sales.

After years of toiling for others he realized he wanted the sweat dripping off his brow to contribute to his dream of opening a brewery. Working with Matt James and an incredibly talented team, Freehold Brewing Co. was brought to life.

Christina Owczarek

Sales Leader

Born in a family that surrounded gatherings around homegrown food and carefully curated libations- the lifelong commitment to craft beer was inevitable. Equipped with a science education degree in one hand and a sense of wanderlust in the other; Christina left her Australian homeland and stumbled into Santa Rosa where she first learnt to brew. Fast forward and she settled in Canada to manage and celebrate Alberta craft beer.

At Freehold Brewing, Christina is a true tradesperson with expertise in sales & marketing, brewery operations, beer judging, retail & hospitality management, and teaching & education. All in the pursuit of expanding community knowledge, projects, and events. Her motto is: You are your community & your community is you.

George Griffiths

Sales & Community (Calgary)

George is an avid traveller and world explorer. He has lived and worked across Europe and Asia. Experiencing new countries, ways of life and the treats that travelling brings feeds George’s hunger to strive in and amongst any community and culture. For him, life is a forever changing journey so being adaptable and adventurous in his surroundings is very close to the heart. In his free time, you can find him snowboarding the slopes of the Rocky Mountains or taking his two rescue dogs for a stroll to the park.

George’s craft beer journey began when he settled in Calgary in April 2018 and was impressed by the craft beer scene. For him to be involved in an industry that was more of a sense of a community was mind-blowing. To experience such a competitive, fun but a friendly area of work is something he definitely wanted to commit his expertise to. He joined the Freehold Brewing team in October 2018 and brings eight years of worldwide customer service experience. George is passionate about building a sense of community and forever searching for the next best brew. He takes a personal and old-school approach to meet new people. Communication over technology is great but George loves to interact through great conversation during an in-person visit or maybe over a beer or two. If you have stories to tell or just love to chat George is your guy to connect with.

Teagan Friedrich

Sales & Community (Edmonton)

Teagan is a born and raised Edmonton native with strong German roots; these roots brought a love of beer, family and community into her life at an early age. Her passion for people, creation and science made entering the brewing industry seem like an obvious choice leading her to join the Olds College Brewing and Brewery Operations Management program in 2014. From there, armed with the secrets of beer she made her way through the retail world being crowned as the resident Brew God” at various locations and social circles. 

Although what’s in the glass is important, where the true magic of the industry happens, in her opinion, is the primal human bonds that get created. The beauty of the simplicity of a shared pint and the community it generates is something to hold dear. 

Jess Hua

Social Media & Events Promotion

The craft beer journey was put into full throttle once Jess stepped foot in Calgary in 2014. Day Two of her Albertan residency and she was quickly found herself surrounded by some of the leaders of the brewing industry. Since then, every new sip that’s added to the repertoire is another reminder of the hard work and inspiration from those who take part in all things craft beverage.

Experience new tastes, keep warm bellies, and welcome with open arms. Jess’ philosophy is that food is an incredible denominator for all things human. It’s more than sustenance- it’s a way to connect to one another. This pursuit of social connection has led Jess to be Freehold Brewing’s resident documentarian for all things media, events, and community.

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