Current Openings


How to Apply

Forward your resume, salary requirements, and cover letter to jointheteam@​freeholdbrewing.​ca.

In your cover letter, tell us how you would achieve the essential details listed in the about the role section of the job posting. Sharing the finer details is great, but keep in mind that it’s also important that you have the ability to communicate a clear, thoughtful plan. Send you cover letter in whichever format you feel will best communicate your plan to the email address provided above. We love creativity!

How We Hire

1. Make contact

If you’re interested in a posting, or just want to find out more about us, please reach out to info@​freeholdbrewing.​ca. We’d be happy to answer any questions via email, or if you want to meet up for a beer, we can do that too!

2. Send us your stuff

If you’re serious about applying, send us the documentation that best tells us about you. For reference, check out the How To Apply section above for what we’re looking for when you send us your goodies.

3. Interview

We’ll want to take a deeper dive into your skills and knack for the role you’re applying for. You’ll meet with another Freeholder to complete a capabilities assessment, which will take between one and three hours.

4. Meet the crew

We’d like for you to have the opportunity to meet the other Freeholders, get a sense of the personalities on the team, and to explore what it will it will be like to work together. This isn’t formal, and will likley happen over a couple of pints.

5. Reference check

We’ll chat with two or three of your references to find out the best way we can support you, and to get a sense of what makes you tick from an outsider’s point of view.

6. Welcome!

If all looks good, you’ll receive a formal offer letter. Should you accept it, the onboarding will begin!

Why work here?

Who doesn’t want to work in the beer industry? The craft beer market is booming, and is attracting all types of skill sets to the beer business. If you have an unrestrained desire to help colleagues and to build lasting relationships with businesses and Albertans, Freehold is a great place to stake your claim.

These are the values we hold dear, and the ones we’ll be looking for in an applicant:


Mastery comes from careful practice and dedication to trade, day-in and day-out. No shortcuts are made, and everything is crafted in a manner that is transparent and repeatable.


Hard work is an ingredient that goes into every recipe at Freehold, because we know that good things come from the dogged and tireless pursuit of quality.


There is importance in understanding where everything begins. Freehold is not starting from a blank canvas. What can we learn from generations past, and how did they help us get to where we are today?


An understanding of the history of our province and our industry gives us a map to explore, and we must venture to the edge in order to find opportunities that push the boundaries and set new precedents.